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Outdoor Kennels & Runs, Boarding and Grooming in Cornish, NH

Keep your pet happy and healthy even when you are away with boarding and grooming services from Trafalgar Kennels. We are in Cornish, New Hampshire, and serve clients throughout the area. Contact us to discuss your pet’s particular needs with our experienced pet care providers today.

Dog Boarding
Trafalgar Kennels is a small, country kennel that is able to devote more time and attention to each guest. We offer both overnight boarding and doggie day care that includes supervised nature walks and 1-on-1 playtime for pets that need extra attention on a daily basis.

Our dog kennel has 30 covered indoor/outdoor runs with 5’x5′ of interior space and 5’x11′ of exterior space separated by a plexiglass door. On fair weather days, the runs are wide open, so your dog is able to go in and out at will. During extreme temperatures, your dog enjoys the inside of our fully heated and air-conditioned facility.

Indoor Boarding Areas, Boarding and Grooming in Cornish, NH

Each run has a fiberglass resting bench where you are welcome to put washable or disposable bedding to make your pet feel more at home. However, we are not responsible for items that are lost or chewed. Rawhide chews, pig ears, and Greenies® treats are also available for purchase.

Boarding Rates
Our boarding rates are:

• Small Dogs, $27 a day• Medium Dogs, $28 a day• Large Dogs, $29 a day

You are billed for the day you check-in, regardless of the time, the day of your pet’s stay, and the day you check-out, even if it is after noon. When you pick up your pet before noon, you are not charged for the day of check-out. Please note that you are billed by the day, not the hour.

Grooming Services, Boarding & Grooming in Cornish, NH

Dog Grooming
Trafalgar Kennels also offers full-service, all breed dog grooming by appointment only. Grooming includes bathing, conditioning, drying, combing, and styling the coat according to the breed standards or your wishes. We also provide ear cleaning and pedicures.

Our grooming shop has a relaxed setting and takes extra time with shy, timid dogs to ensure that they are comfortable. We like to have dogs dropped off between 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. and arrange pickup times according to your schedule.

Grooming Rates
The grooming rates are:

• Small, $45 & up• Medium, $60 & up• Large, $85 & up

These prices are for dogs who are groomed on a regular basis. The de-matting of neglected coats is $60 per hour.

Contact us to ask about available pug puppies for companionship.

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